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About the St Catharine's College Society


The purpose of the St Catharine's College Society is to help its members to keep in contact with one another. Membership of College and Society lasts for life.

The Society organises events in Cambridge so that members can return to meet old friends and to make new ones in the setting familiar to us all.

The Society also has Branches in Britain and overseas which arrange local events. All members are welcome to attend and to bring guests if they like. Members are asked to notify the local organiser and to pay whatever the charge may be for that event.

The Society aims to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the College and its alumni.


The Society has a constitution and rules of the usual form which can only be amended at the AGM in September.


The Society was founded in October 1923. Initially membership was voluntary but since 1955 it has been automatic for all members of the College on matriculation. Life subscriptions are added by instalments to the College Bills each term over a three year period during residence. Fellows of the College become members of the Society from the date of their fellowship.

In 2002 a new category of Associate Member was introduced enabling husbands, wives, partners and parents of deceased members to keep in touch with the College. No subscription is involved.


The Society is run by officers (President, Vice President, Past President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) on an honorary basis, and a Committee of members, all elected at the AGM in September. Branch chairmen are ex officio members of the Committee, as are the Editors of the Society Magazine and the Society Website.

The Branches are run voluntarily and are to that extent spontaneous and autonomous. The aim is to encourage enough branches to cover the whole of the UK. The Committee is delighted to provide guidance and support to any member or group of members who would like to set up a branch in an area not yet covered.

Overseas there are branches in some areas where there are sufficient concentrations of members; and country coordinators elsewhere who arrange ad hoc events from time to time, often to meet a College or Society visitor from the UK.


The Society puts a high priority on providing the means for its members to maintain contact with each other and the College, utilising all appropriate forms of communication.


The Society produces an Annual Magazine which provides the only comprehensive record of College activities throughout the year, as well as giving a thorough account of the Society's own activities and proceedings.

The magazine is complemented by a newsletter, The Wheel, which is published annually by the Alumni and Development Office. This reports on College news, events, the progress of the on-going Development Campaign, and on Society items and forthcoming events.


A Society website is incorporated within the College website ( and provides a ready source of information about Society contacts and activities, within the UK and beyond.

Record of Members

The Alumni and Development Office keeps a record of members' contact details, on a database which has replaced the Register of Members, once the responsibility of the Society. The Society draws on this to keep in touch with members. It also enables individual members to re-establish contacts via the Alumni Office, subject to the safeguards provided by the Data Protection Act.

Most branches maintain their own mailing lists, to contact those members who have asked to be informed of their activities. They also publicise their events on the Society Website.

Keep in Touch

We very much hope that as a member of the St Catharine's College Society you will take part in, and contribute to, the Society's activities and benefit from them. Your comments and suggestions will always be welcome and should be sent to The Honorary Secretary, St Catharine's College Society, St Catharine's College, Cambridge CB2 1RL.

Last modified 8th October 2017