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Career Link - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a member who might have some experience in my area of interest?

Use the 'Career Link -> Search the Database' page to look for members who would be happy to help you. Each member has selected some broad categories that their work experience falls in to. Select each category name so see the options and select as many options as you are interested in before clicking on 'Search'. For more specific interests (eg surgeon, barrister, architect, BP etc.) you can use the keyword search to search all the résumés on file. You can search for multiple keywords at any one time.

Can I phone a member?

No, initally all contact with a member will be through this website. If you wish to contact a member directly via email or telephone then you must ask the member for their details and they must agree to direct contact.

Can other people see my conversations and messages?

No, only you, the website administrator and the member you are communicating with can see your messages.

How will I receive replies to my messages?

All replies will be sent to the email address saved in your profile on the website. Select 'Database -> Your Profile' to see the email address you have registered. The whole conversation can also be viewed on the website under 'Career Link -> Conversations'.

What should I do if I do not recieve a reply to my message?

The member may not be able respond to your message immediately, please allow a few days and maybe up to two or three weeks in holiday periods. If you still have not received a reply please contact us at and we will try and re-establish contact with the member.

What sort of questions can I ask a Career Link member?

Please make your questions as specific as possible and include any relevant background information. An example approach might be:

I found your details on Career Link database and hope you don't mind if I seek the benefit of your advise regarding working as a XXX.

By way of background, XXX.

What would you say are the skills most crucial to a role in XXX and what do you most enjoy about your role?

Do you image there are likely to be many opportunities available at the moment for someone looking to get into XXX and, if so, where might these opportunities be?

Where should I be looking to find XXX opportunities (eg publications or websites) and who else would you suggest I speak with for fuurther information and advice about roles in XXX?

Any advice you can offer or suggestions you may have would be much appreciated. If you feel it would be easier to discuss these points over the phone then I would be happy to give you a call.

Last modified 17th November 2009