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Society Reunion - 21 - 22 September

Invitation: Society Annual Reunion and Dinner 21-22 September 2019

This is your personal invitation, as members of the St Catharine’s College Society, to our annual Society Reunion in College, this year on Saturday 21 September; and do bring a partner or friend and stay overnight.  For booking details click here.

Our Reunion is for everyone of every vintage, but 2019 is 40 years on from the first admission of female undergrads to the College so we particularly welcome women from 1979 onwards (see next para).  And here’s an idea: if you matriculated or graduated in any of the 9s – 1959, 1969, 1979 …. 2009 - why not get your friends together and have your own mini-reunion with us? Whatever your dates, do make the most of this opportunity and join us on 21 September. We’re offering a £20 reduction for those who matriculated in 2009 and after.

Importantly, this is also the 40th anniversary of the first admission of women into the College in 1979 so it’s a great opportunity for women of all years, and particularly those from 1979, to celebrate, and in fact to confirm Lilian Greenwood MP (1984) as our President for the coming year.

Some details:

We’ll start at 2.30pm with a Seminar in the McGrath Centre when Dr Miranda Griffin will speak about her work on a medieval manuscript in the College’s collection; then Tea at 3.30; the AGM at 4.15; Evensong at 6pm; Drinks Reception at 7; Dinner at 7.30, finishing perhaps around 10pm; then the Bar if you wish. There will be some jazz, and during the afternoon there will also be an exhibition of College records from the archives.  Sunday morning breakfast is provided also.

For the Reception and Dinner the dress code is ‘black tie or dark suit or equivalent’.

Our Society Reunion is always most enjoyable so do join us, do bring a partner or friend, and do encourage your contemporaries to join you also! 

Please find all of the documents for the Reunion here

Again, for more details, for prices and to book, click here.

We look forward to seeing you in College on 21 September!


David Peace (1966, Fellow Commoner),
Honorary Secretary, St Catharine's College Society

Last modified 9th September 2019