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Wessex branch

The Wessex Branch roughly covers the counties of Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight. The exact area covered is determined by postcode regions and can be seen on our Post Code Map.

The committee usually organises one or two events each year where members can get together over lunch.

The current committee is Tony Norman (Bursar 1989), Andrew Hinde (1978), Tim Sweet (1973), Chris Watney (1953) and Chairman, Clive Brunswick (1953).

We are moving more and more to electronic communication so if you would like to receive details about the Wessex branch or wish to receive news of events by email please email us with your details so we can keep you in regular contact.

For further details please contact the Chairman:
Clive Brunswick

Upcoming Events

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Previous Events

Speaker Lunch at the Esseborne Manor near Andover, on Sunday 20th October 2019

We returned to the Esseborne Manor when Our Society President Elect, Lilian Greenwood MP (1984), spoke about her experiences as a Junior Whip, former Shadow Transport Minister and being Chair of a Select Committee. Her talk covered the path of a new MP from election night to her then current situation and also revealed some of the problems in the present Parliament buildings, including a plague of mice and carpet moths.

We were most grateful for her finding the time to visit us as it was in the middle of critical Brexit sittings in the House of Commons - the Sunday immediately after the first Saturday they had sat for many years.

Visit to Cottonworth Vineyard near Andover on Sunday 9 June 2019

This took part on a bright Sunday starting with a walk in the award-winning vineyard where the Manager, Fredrico, gave a talk about wine and the family's vineyards in England and France.

A tasting of four of their wines followed: an English award-winning sparkling white, an English sparkling rose and two white wines from their French vineyards.

This greatly enjoyed visit finished with a cheeseboard lunch with salads, bread, meat and fruit, during which Fredrico talked about current developments in English wine production.

Speaker Lunch at The Alton House Hotel, Alton, on Sunday 17 March 2019

We had a very pleasant lunch at a new venue, the Alton House Hotel. After lunch our speaker was Emeritus Fellow Professor Ron Martin, until very recently the College Wine Steward. He spoke about the history of the College wine cellars but also spoke about the development of wines from around the word and particularly on the development of the English wine industry, A lively question time and discussion followed.

Speaker Lunch at The Esseborne Manor, near Andover, on Sunday 21 October 2018

The speaker was Professor John Moverley (1968), President of the Society, who spoke on "Agriculture 1950 to the future - and my part in it". There has been much development in farming and food production practices over the last 70 years with Cambridge taking a key role in terms of research and related activity. John not only highlighted some of these changes but also gave his views on how further change may continue to boost productivity and production to feed an ever-increasing population. He also talked about current developments in farming such as such as the use of satellites to control fertiliser and seed density. Again, we had a fascinating talk from a member of our Society.

Speaker Lunch at The Esseborne Manor - Sunday 1 July 2018

We welcomed the Master, Professor Sir Mark Welland who spoke on 'Nanoscience in Healthcare', explaining how nanotechnology is being applied to healthcare today, and he talked about the exciting prospects for the future. Sir Mark's talk was absorbing and inspiring, giving much hope for future medication and, importantly, the prevention of illness. It is not for a layman to try to precis his brilliant talk, but we were all very stimulated by it and were most grateful that he gave up time to join us. A memorable event indeed.

Speaker Lunch at The Esseborne Manor - Sunday 11 March 2018

Our Society President Keith Cocker joined us on 11 March 2018 to share his own observations on life after St Catharine's. His subject was "'Can I borrow your Watch?': A Cats man's journey from History to Consultancy and back again!" - all most interesting. Who knows what direction our lives will lead after graduation? Many of us of a certain age now know the answers, but looking back as to how things developed, and perhaps the uncertainties and unpredictability of it all, can be an intriguing exercise. We were grateful to Keith for his own account.

Speaker Lunch at The Esseborne Manor - Sunday 1 October 2017

The speaker was Dr Catherine Sweet, M.Phil, D.Phil (Oxon) and FCIPR, a senior lecturer in the School of Communication and Marketing at Southampton Solent University. Catherine joined the University in 2006 after an extensive career in public affairs, corporate communications and PR. An American by birth, she has lived more than half her life in the UK. She came to this country in 1977 as one of the first cohort of women Rhodes Scholars. She was subsequently awarded her masters and doctorate degrees from Oxford University, in international relations. She spoke about her experiences at three widely differing universities.

Speaker Lunch at The Esseborne Manor, near Andover - Sunday 18 June 2017

The Speaker was the Society's President, Professor Sir John Baker, Honorary Fellow and Downing Professor Emeritus of the Laws of England.

The title of his talk was 'Magna Carta, Brexit and the Supreme Court' and was legal rather than political.

Sir John spoke of the legal background to decisions already made and about some which would have to be made in the future. He clarified a number of complex issues and left the meeting much better informed on the legal background to Brexit.

The Esseborne Manor provided its usual splendid lunch.

Visit to a Recovery Centre of Help for Heroes on Friday 3 March 2017

18 Members and friends visited Tedworth House in Tidworth. It is one of four recovery centres run by Help for Heroes.

Help for Heroes supports those with injuries and illnesses sustained while serving in the British Armed Forces.

After light refreshments there was a talk about the charity and the Centre at Tedworth House.

A large number of one or two weekly courses are run covering sports and an amazing range of other interests including gardening and bee keeping. Accommodation is provided in en suite single rooms and there are four family suites. Support continues after people have left the centre.

After the talk we visited parts of the original Tedworth House, the large gardens and saw one of the family rooms. We also saw the gym, ski slope and the only basketball court designed for playing at floor level.

Please contact me if I can provide any other information about the above events or the Branch. Contact details are above.

Clive Brunswick

Wessex Branch Chairman

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