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St Catharine's College Society Website

As well as this page there is 'A brief guide to the Society' and a list of its officers and committee available.

Main Site

The St Catharine's College Society exists to provide a community beyond the walls of the College and the time its members have spent in Cambridge. Everyone who has ever been admitted to the College is a member for life. The Society also includes Associate Members determined in accordance with the Society's Rules. A full guide to the society is provided here.

The Society has various Regional Branches, each with their own separate mailing list and events. Some may have annual membership charges which cover costs - please see the regional branches page for more details of this and for contact details of the various Branch Chairmen.

There are also contacts in various countries worldwide, who would be more than happy to hear from you if you are in their vicinity. Again, more details of these contacts are on the regional branches page.

News of events for Society members can be found on the Branch pages and the Events page. These events can include Lunches and Dinners, garden parties, cultural visits and sporting events, to name but a few.

The Society keeps in touch with its alumni mainly via e-mail and Royal Mail post. If you move house or change your contact details please let us know by using the form on the Keeping in Touch page. If you know of the whereabouts of any of the Missing Members who we have lost touch with we would also be very interested in hearing from you.

If you have any news that may be of interest to Society members, or any announcements, please email us and we will add it to this site.

Members' Area

The College's Alumni Office and the College Society office receive several requests each month for contact details of other members of the College from people who would like to get in touch again. Due to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the College and Society are not allowed to divulge such information. However the members' area of the Society's website provides a directory of a large number of Members of St Catharine's Society, and their contact details. This is an opt-in service, via protected access, so to provide your details you will need to register here.

Once registered you will be sent your log in details which you will be asked for before accessing any of the members' pages. You can change your details, including contact information, at any time here. If you want to look for another member on the database then use the search facility that lets you search by year of matriculation, surname, subject or location. There is also a worldwide map.

The members' area also provides access to all the Society's Magazines from 1927 onwards.

New features are continually being added to the Society's website and if there is a service you would like to see then email us.

Last modified 23rd May 2018