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Career Link

Career Link is a new service provided by the St Catharine's College Society, linked to other career activities in the College. As part of our online database we hold employment details and a brief career résumé for alumni who are willing to help graduates in their career exploration and, in some cases, to offer more in depth support. This service is available to undergraduates or new graduates looking to choose a career path and to members who may be considering changing careers.

They will be able to:

  • search our database of résumés based on job title, subject of study, region etc.
  • read backgrounds and careeer paths including any areas of specialised knowledge
  • send  a message and ask specific questions
  • keep track of all their conversations

To volunteer to help with this service in answering members career queries then please register your résumé.

You must be registered with our website to use this service. If you have not already registered you can do so here.

Before using this service please read our terms and conditions. In  particular this service is monitored for abuse and, if detected, members will be barred from further access.

Last modified 4th March 2012