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Regional Branches and Overseas Groups

With approximately 10,000 alumni, St Catharine's has members all around the world. The highest concentration is, not surprisingly, in the UK where approximately 6,000 reside. The Society has 11 active branches in the UK and Ireland, and overseas co-ordinators in seventeen countries.

UK Branches

The UK has been divided up into regions based on postcode. All regions have active branches.

Each UK branch has its own web page which can be reached by clicking on the relevant links below:


If you are not sure which area covers your postcode then please click on the map to enlarge it and use the postcode search feature.

Overseas Groups

Overseas co-ordinators have been established in the following countries:

St Catharine's College in Australia (Melbourne)
Chris Briggs (1994, Engineering)

St Catharine's College in Australia (Sydney)
Robin Cumming (1962)

St Catharine's in Belgium
Izzet Sinan (1976)

St Catharine's in Canada (East)
Colin Steel (1964) and Nick Tunnacliffe (1961)

St Catharine's in the Channel Islands
Paul Matthams (1977)

St Catharine's in Greece
Dr George Kritikos (1991)

St Catharine's in Hong Kong
Les Hales (1964)

St Catharine's in Italy
Renata Tardioli (1995)

St Catharine's in Japan
Eiken Hayashi (2001), Hiroshi Matsuoka (2000), and Andrew McLeod (1988)

St Catharine's in Malaysia
Tunku Farik Ismail (1986)

St Catharine's in Mexico
Jose Rosas-Fernandez (2001)

St Catharine's in New Zealand
Charles Higham (1959)

St Catharine's in Singapore
Tao Soon Cham (1965), Elaine Ng (1984), and the Singapore Committee

St Catharine's in Spain
David Joy (1951)

St Catharine's in Uruguay
Jonathan Prentice (1983)

St Catharine's in New York
Michael George (1982) and Chris Lowe (1985)

St Catharine's, USA (West)
Arif Damji (2006) and Hitoshi Nagata (1980)

They can all be contacted via in the first instance.

The volunteer members act as a local focus for the Development Campaign as well as being the co-ordinator for the St Catharine's College Society in the country. The College would welcome hearing from Members who would like to act as co-ordinators for other countries. Further details can be obtained from the Alumni Office at the College on +44 1223 338337.

As well as these countries which have specific co-ordinators, there are currently St Catharine's members in 69 countries around the world. Should you be travelling to a destination not mentioned above, please contact the Alumni office on 01223 338337 for details of Members located there.

Last modified 9th September 2019