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Internship Bursaries 2021

The College Society offers an internship bursary scheme for St Catharine's undergraduates who are in receipt of Cambridge bursaries. The scheme is designed to enable such students to access work-experience opportunities in fields that are relevant to their future career plans but that do not offer paid internships. Key features of the scheme include:

  • Up to ten bursaries are available in this academic year. Each bursary is for up to £500* (please also see *Note below) and is designed to help fund travel, living and other day-to-day expenses for students intending to take a minimum of four weeks' (or a total of 20 days') unpaid work experience or project work with recognised organisations in the UK or abroad during the Long Vacation 2021

  • The scheme is particularly aimed at undergraduates undertaking internships with not-for-profit organisations, in the media, or in the arts and heritage. Applications for other sectors will be considered so long as they include a strong case for support.

  • The scheme is only open to undergraduates (of all years, including final-year undergraduates) who are in receipt of Cambridge bursaries.

  • The administration of the scheme will be handled by the Society; the decisions about who are awarded the bursaries will be made by the Society's Grants Sub-Committee which includes the College's Senior Tutor.

  • The scheme is organised in consultation with the University Careers Service, which operates a similar scheme open to undergraduates from all colleges. Any St Catharine's student who is also applying to the University Careers Service scheme should indicate this on his/her application form for the St Catharine's scheme: a procedure is established with the Careers Service to ensure that no student is independently supported by both schemes for the same activity.

  • The application process opens on 22 February 2021 and closes on 07 May 2021. The application form is available at the bottom of this page.

  • Once the bursary has been approved, an initial payment of 50% will be made in advance of the internship; the remaining 50% will be paid after receipt of a two-page report following the internship (this may be placed in the password-protected part of the College website for the benefit of fellow-students; some or all of it may also, at the Society's discretion, be included in the next edition of the Society/College Magazine). This report should include a brief outline of what the project involved and what you feel you have gained from it both academically and personally. This should then be submitted to Carrie Whitwell, Grant Coordinator, St Catharine's College Society,, by Friday 8th October 2021.

  • The Society cannot investigate organisations, and accepts no liability for loss, damage or injury suffered by the student while undertaking the internship.

This year the College again has generously offered to match bursaries awarded by the Society. As a result eligible students whose applications are approved, i.e. those submitted in accordance with the parameters above, may be part funded by the Society and part-funded by the College up to a maximum of £1000.

To apply for a bursary please download the Application form (doc) / (pdf) and follow the instructions included within it.

Last modified 19th February 2021